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I've been lurking around on lately, reading articles about people wanting to simplify their lives in various functions. moving to Miniflux from FreshRSS, along with building some neat tooling around it to manage her... erm, massive collection of feeds. Kev is also looking at killing off his Craves Coffee newsletter because, in part, it seems like more work to manage it than to just post to his blog.

I, myself, have been migrating into Notmuch for email. It's a simple mail indexer that relies heavily on other tooling to do various parts. For instance, Notmuch doesn't care how you get your email, just that it appears in a specific folder in a common format. Similarly, notmuch doesn't care how you read or write or even how it gets sent. Those are tasks for other, more specialized, tools like Emacs and MSMTP.

Honestly it's been a wild ride, and something I will say that I enjoy. Simplification and getting down to the bare essentials makes you realize just how much crap you don't actually need in your life to actually be productive.

On a whim, I decided to buy Minecraft Dungeons for the Switch last night. My son was all amped up to play the “OG” Minecraft with some of his school friends (who don't seem to know how to share MS GamerTags), when his Screen Time timer ran out. He was pretty bummed.

Minecraft Dungeons is a straight rip off of the Diablo franchise. This is a good thing™, because if you're going to crib off of any particular dungeon crawler, you can do a whole lot worse than Diablo. Most of the controls are pretty simplified, and the system is pretty smooth and straightforward. Go here, hit these things, win the game. For a mindless hack and slash, it is actually pretty decent for short spells.

Microsoft is pushing this really hard. The game hasn't been out all that long (a couple of months, really) and there are already at least two expansion packs. Seems like they're trying to rake in as much cash as they can, early on. Their strategy seems to burn people out on the franchise and move on. Sad.

I am enjoying the experience, and with my son and I building up fairly powerful characters, it can be quite a lot of fun with some of the ridiculous setups you can make. I'm the silly one, with lots of bees roaming around, attacking enemies. My son is much more straightforward. Big axe, big armor, do stuns to keep the big guys from doing anything.

I'd say this game is a solid play through for any Minecraft fan. Most others, though, would be better off picking up Diablo 3, or Path of Exile for a more classic experience.

V. : Who? Who is but the form following the function of what and what I am is a man in a mask.

My wife made me this lovely mask with a Debian logo ironed on in the corner/cheek area. It's very comfortable and honestly, it's now my favorite mask. Wow, those are words I never thought I'd write...

Regardless, I'm proud to show off my pride and support of F/OSS, even in subtle ways. Though I was kind of shocked when I saw someone at Disney with a similar mask (white logo, instead). There are dozens of us!

Hello, I'm back. Back from outerspace.